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You’ve heard about guys that shoot a gallon of cum …

Men…cocks…and everything nice!



You’ve heard about guys that shoot a gallon of cum …

Men…cocks…and everything nice!


Promoted on Naturism as a Way of Living (link) because the interview is honest, straight-forward and The Daily Buzz (link) hosts do not appear to be biased one way or the other!  Awesome!  This is the sort of reporting which historically was highly informative and resulted in the general public actually learning something about a topic.  Love it!  ~ Centauri4

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Life As A Nudist

Breakdown of the several different types of nudists. Which one do you consider yourself to be?




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I am a 18 year old heterosexual male virgin; my question is why do other people discussing their sex lives, whether it be in person or on the internet, make me sad? Does this stem from sheer loneliness?


This is a big question, to which the only short answer can be : possibly. Because the long answer is quite complex.

For humans, sexual maturity occurs between 14 and 16 years of age. In many places in the world, people get coupled by that age. This was still a normal occurrence in most of the Western world until the beginning of the 20th century too.

I’m not saying that you should get married : there are clear benefits in waiting a little before you do, if only because it allows you to understand yourself better (and it’s easier to get along with someone when at least you know who you are).

The consequence of this fact, though, is that your body has an unfulfilled need that you’ve been dragging along for a few years now. Granted, some people can apparently live with this unfulfilled need for seemingly forever. Others, apparently like you, have a hard time dealing with this. Maybe is it because you have a high sex drive ? Anyway, it seems that you could cope with this unfulfilled need until recently, but that it has now become too much. Hearing other men’s stories, be they true or false, now make you sad because your sexual instincts never gets satisfied… Thus, comparing yourself to these accounts and stories make you sad. And that’s one thing.

The other thing that may hurt you are the social messages around you. Aside from the official message that sex should wait for marriage, what are the true values of the people around you ? Do they comment positively on a man’s sex habits, are they appreciative when the possibility is suggested that a boy your age had sex ? To give an example, let’s say Tony (17) had sex with Angela. Now, officially, Tony’s father may say he’s angry because that’s not a thing to do before marriage (the official value). But despite this official anger, if the consensus in the room is that this is to be expected because boys will be boys, then the true value of Tony’s family is that boys are supposed to have sex… although they should not brag about it to their parents. The Law is that you shouldn’t have sex, but the rule is that real men (1) do, and a result you should if you want to be a real man. Maybe you are sensing such a dichotomy around you ?

As a result of your personal frustration and the unfulfilled true social expectations, your reaction is to be sad. You may even feel that you are a failure, deep inside, even if you don’t acknowledge this officially. Of course, it should be clear that this is only a perception. In real life, you are not a failure. But the mixture of the social messages and unfulfilled desires make you feel that way.

This is a theory, of course, that may only apply in part or not at all to your case. But thinking about it, it may help you understand or visualize the underlying causes.

What to do, then ? It all depends on your values and expectations.

  • If, for you, sex before marriage is out of the question, then you should try to understand why you feel that way, despite the fact that you are abiding to your personal values. Nobody ever said that you have to had sex by 18, so why are you unhappy ? Could it be that you haven’t learned to masturbate in a satisfying way (or maybe your masturbations are tainted by feelings of guilt) ? Learning to give yourself potent orgasm (using your hand, lubes and maybe even a fuck toy) will help increase your sexual satisfaction, and thus help you stick to your values. Why are you so influenced by other people’s opinion ?
  • If you are longing for sex and wouldn’t turn down an acceptable offer, then you should ask yourself why are you still a virgin ? What’s preventing you from losing your virginity ? Is it a psychological block ? Is it bad perception of yourself ? Fear of not being up to par ? Identifying the cause will help you find a solution. In the meantime, masturbate ! Seriously, despite what is claimed everywhere, masturbation is an important part of a man’s life… so masturbation will often be part of the solution too… There are many benefits to masturbation, and one of them is learning to love yourself. If you don’t love yourself, you’re going to have a hard time finding a partner. Masturbation can also be used to free yourself from external pressures that taint your sexual life. Masturbation can help you explore your sexual preferences (both on a physical level and psychologically, through day dreaming). To practice your fucking skills, if that is a concern, you could get yourself a fuck toy. Finally, remember that to experience the best orgasms as you masturbate, you need to have a good understanding and knowledge of your reactions. This is exactly what a good fucker needs also, because it gives himself the control he needs to satisfy his partner. Learning to edge will thus be helpful, both in the short term (increasing you sexual satisfaction), and in the long run.

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(1) whatever that means



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